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662May 1st Reports! Still Time Left, but going quickly!

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  • John Wyatt
    May 1 9:49 AM
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      Greetings to all Marshals and Constables,

      As you all know, it is report time and today, May 1, is the due date for reports from Shire Marshals/Constables, Marshals/Constables of the Field, and MiT's to be sent to the KRM (jwyatt2@...). There are still a few hours in the day, so don't panic - much. :>

      I am again sending a "Got it. Thanks" email to everyone that sends me a report, so if you don't get your "Got it. Thanks" email then it's likely I don't have your report. Either email or call me (519) 631-3490 to discuss. I will also be at Rapier War College; however, I would appreciate discussing reports before the event so I can have more time to learn and play with the rest of you.

      Also: Canton Marshals/Constables, today is the due date for your reports to your Baronial Rapier Marshal. Again, still some hours in the day, so no worries. How the reporting between you and your BRM is between the two of you; however, I do suggest that you respectly follow up with your BRM to make sure they got your report in some fashion.

      Baronial Rapier Marshals and Constables: Same as before, your reports are due May 15th, and I'll send you "Got it. Thanks" emails as well.


      Mateo de Merida
      KRM Ealdormere
      Scholar of the EAoD

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