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660Re: Rapier War College

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  • Garry Campbell
    Apr 28, 2008
      > Maybe I'm still new to this whole melee combat thing..but aren't
      > there several events that have Melee rapier...so why close out part
      > of the fencing community by specializing?

      I just wanted to address this point. I am not a huge fan of melee. As
      it is right now. For years I have watched and played and wondered
      what melee might be like with more structure, training and over all
      participation. In the past years we have had 2 maybe 3 small melee
      oriented events. These were not teaching events just hey lets jump in
      with both feet and kill in packs.

      I have gone to pensic and watched organized co-ordinated teams show
      skill and pride in there ability and acheivments. Its a whole
      different animal from individual fencing.

      I wanted to try and work on this at home. As a kingdom we are not
      known for our Melee abilities. And its not because we do not have
      amazing fencers. Its because we do not take the time to practice and
      learn melee.

      Its a different mode of thinking, a whole world of communication.

      So we have tried this year to move in the direction of education and
      training to make melee more fun, more accessable.

      As those of us who have gone to Pensic and tossed a team together on
      the fly have found out 5 people in a line do not make a melee team.

      There will be plenty of opertunities for regular fencing this summer.
      We are trying to squeeze in melee training for those people who enjoy
      it and are wishing to go to Pensic this year.

      For those of you who have not been to Pensic War. There are war points
      awarded for winning specific tournaments. And Yes fencing has a few
      War points. So now more then before our melee abilities are under the

      I for one am looking forward to being able to field a group at Pensic
      who enjoy and understand melee better. So that we can put in a good
      showing and make our Kingdom shine!


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