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659Re: [E_Rapier] coronation

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  • leslie falzone
    Apr 24, 2008
      It sounds great, I will see what I can do. I have to work tommorrow and I have a lot to do prior to the event. No worries about the step down time I thinki we will busy as well.

      thank you for the list ropes

      see you then

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      From: thltoymaker
      To: E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 6:57 PM
      Subject: Re: [E_Rapier] coronation

      From Gerrard: I shall be in attendance and arriving fairly early so that I may step down with King Trumbrand and Queen Kaylah: I always have my drop tester and mask tester ;-)
      As for the theme of ten you could do a dance card ( those recipe cards you get at the dollar store work well and are cheap )
      Each person must have a total of ten opponents :
      Each person must select say three ( could be four or five ) opponents of say experience ( have been fencing a long time ) more than 5 - 8 years
      Then add say three ( could be four or five ) opponents they feel are equal to there own skill.
      Then add must play every weapon form you are authorized in. ( to make up the difference )
      Lots of sharpened pencils ... ( for keeping score ) Each person scores themselves.
      Any ties are decided by best two out of three or round robin.
      Now mind you since I have 10 and everyone has 10 then there should be a whack load of fencing !!
      I shall bring my list ropes and will assist as much as I can. ( except during the stepping down time )

      Hold the field against a stream of ten ?? a mix of experience ...
      Again 10 times the number of fencers that show up could be a lot of fencing.....
      If lots of fencers than two lists would help expedite matters.

      To: E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [E_Rapier] coronation

      Okay I am the marshal for coronation fencing.

      It is outdoors only so dress appropriately, we are hoping for no
      rain. All the fighting is outside.

      It is the champions tourney for his soon to be Majesty. Her soon to
      be Majesty said I can do what ever I want as long as there is a winner
      at the end.

      Here is where I need help. I want to have the most fun we can have,
      and the most fencing, but I want to try and keep to her theme of ten.

      any ideas


      Ps can someone bring a drop tester and mask tester I need to have my
      stuff tested and my card stamped.




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