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636Fencing at Pikeman's Pleasure

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  • Griffin de Stokeport
    Apr 5, 2008
      Greetings to the fencers of Ealdormere!

      On Saturday June 7th, our canton of Petrea Thule will be hosting our
      annual event, Pikeman's Pleasure in Millbrook (slightly closer to
      Toronto than coming all the way to Peterborough). This year, as in the
      past two years, we will be hosting a full range of fencing tournaments
      including (as I've been promised by the MiC) lots of time to have our
      own Bridge Battles on a very real bridge. Information will follow along
      with the website when I have more details.

      However, my biggest request is to actually SEE some fencers out here.
      The last two years we've had perhaps no more than 3 fencers each year
      other than myself. We have LOTS of room along with a canton that fully
      supports fencing and since everything is being set-up in advance, I can
      actually work our plans into the day. Any suggestions or requests for
      specific tournament requests are most welcome.

      The event goes on rain or shine as we have full use of the massive
      outdoor fields at the site (and I like to scoop the shaded portions), or
      the full indoor hockey rink if it rains - two years ago we had perhaps
      1/4 of the entire surface JUST for the fencing when it was rather damp

      Lord Griffin de Stockport
      (who by that time will be a real live Constable and working towards Marshal)
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