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605KRM Letter to the April Tidings (Warning Long as it contains summary of the Moot)

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  • John Wyatt
    Feb 23, 2008
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      Greetings unto the List,

      Please find below a copy of my submission for the
      April Tidings. It comprises a summary of the Kingdom
      Rapier Moot from SSXS and the new Rapier Experiment to
      be run within Ealdormere.

      In Service,

      Senor Mateo de Merida
      KRM Ealdormere



      In addition to a pulse pounding, sword-breaking Royal
      Tournament which left even the victor Baron Hoskald
      drained and strewn on the field in exhaultation, a
      Rapier Moot was held at Silk Slippers and Crossed
      Swords last month to discuss the current issues of
      note in the Rapier Community. Herein follows a brief

      NOTE: Any changes to Kingdom Rapier rules and/or
      procedures require approval from the Rapier Populace,
      Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Kingdom Earl Marshal & Society
      Rapier Marshal, and Privy Council in that order.

      From the Agenda posted to the E-Rapier List:

      1) Engaging a sitting combatant -- should we institute
      the convention of 180 or 120 degree engagement
      limitation in our Kingdom Rules?

      The original intent of the current rule was to limit
      motion by the legged combatant from point A to point B
      and from rising up. It was not intended to prevent
      rotation in place by the combatant; however,
      interpretation along the years has lead us to this
      restriction. Clarification is required going forward
      that will allow a combatant to rotate in place, but
      not rise up or move from point A to point B on the

      2) Legged Combatants -- should we allow legged
      combatants to kneel or sit in Heavy Rapier? Present
      rules for Heavy Rapier limit the legged combatant to
      sit and not rise up.

      Current Cut & Thrust Rapier rules in Ealdormere for
      legged combatants will remain "as is" since they are
      Society minimum.
      For Heavy Rapier, the Society Rapier Rules state the
      following for legged combatants under Section 4:
      Acknowledgement of Blows:
      "F. A valid blow to the foot or leg will disable the
      i. For light rapier and heavy rapier, the fighter must
      then fight kneeling, sitting, or standing on one leg."

      General agreement was found to propose the addition of
      Kneeling to Ealdormere's Rapier rules for Heavy
      Rapier. This is to bring Ealdoremere's rules
      regarding Heavy Rapier and legged combatants closer to
      Society minimum, which also serves as the typical
      standard for other Kingdoms. Several people also
      mentioned that this will allow greater playability as
      some are restricted from sitting on the ground but can
      fight whilst sitting on their ankles.

      3) Clarification of Groin puncture resistant armour -
      does the groin include the inside thigh, or just the
      genital area? Should we tighten up the wording for
      our Kingdom Rules or are we happy with the existing

      The Society Rules on this issue were reviewed and
      found to be clear on this topic. In Section 2: Armour
      Requirements of the Society Rapier Rules:
      "D. Arms and Legs
      ii. Abrasion-Resistant material is required on arms
      (same as noted above for armpits), legs, and area not
      otherwise mentioned in these rules."

      It was decided by majority to not suggest additional
      armour requirements beyond those already present
      within Ealdormere's rules. However, a stylized body
      diagram detailing where each class of armour is
      required, as seen in other Kingdom Rules, would be of
      great benefit.

      4) Tip Cuts: Note #1 in our current rules states:
      "1. The Corporation allows Kingdoms to determine the
      validity of tip cuts. In Ealdormere, tip cuts are
      accepted at the discretion of the combatant receiving
      the blow."

      While historically Kingdoms have been able to
      determine the validity of Tip-Cuts within their own
      discretion, Section 4: Acknowledgement of Blows in the
      Society Rapier Rules state the following:
      "... Any blow that would have penetrated the skin
      shall be counted a good blow..."

      To keep in line with the spirit of this Society
      Ruling, a proposal to remove Note #1 regarding Tip
      Cuts in Ealdoremere's Rules will be tabled for the
      Kingdom Earl Marshal then Privy Council.

      5) MiT and CiT training process, specifically does the
      RMiC have to directly supervise and sign the
      RMiT/RCiT's form?

      To ensure a higher quality and availability of
      training for newer RMiT/RCiT's, a proposal is to be
      tabled to allow the Marshal in Charge of the Rapier
      List to assign at their discretion another Marshal to
      supervise/train the RMiT/RCiT and sign the RMiT/RCiT
      training form. Only one RMiT/RCiT may be trained by
      any warranted Marshal/Constable per Event.

      6) Results of the experiment regarding Darkwood's
      SCA-tailored blunts held within Ealdormere, and
      discussion on the feedback from other Kingdoms. While
      these blunts meet Society minimums, Ealdormere's
      current rules state:
      "Tips will have a blunt striking surface, representing
      a cross-section of at least 3/8 inch (9mm) diameter,
      and must contain a rigid metal barrier between the
      blade and the tip to prevent wear-through"

      There exist a number of manufacturing and quality
      issues with the blunts, which are only suitable for
      use with Darkwood Blades. Therefore, it was the
      majority agreement that the existing Ealdormere Rules
      should not be changed. Darkwood blunts do not meet the
      required rules of Ealdormere and will not be
      considered a legal blunt.

      7. NEW ITEM: More Melee Training wanted! The
      training session drafted by THL Gareth Campbell will
      be circulated to Marshals for review and comment.
      Another training class to be scheduled this spring.

      8. NEW ITEM: Clarification on the Authorization Card
      Expiry Date. As outlined in Ealdormere's rules under
      'Expiry Dates and Periodic Testing', your expiry date
      renewal is NOT dependant on a successful armour test.

      While this comprises the summary of the Moot, I must
      bend your ears more still to outline a new Rapier
      Experiment within Ealdormere:

      For Heavy Rapier, if a combatant's leg is disabled the
      combatant may fight from a sitting or kneeling
      position. Currently Ealdormere's Rapier Rules state
      the combatant must only fight from a sitting position
      if the leg is disabled in Heavy Rapier. (Section 4:
      Acknowledgement of Blows, paragraph F)

      For Heavy Rapier, a legged combatant may rotate in
      place to engage opponents. Presently there is no
      specific wording to contradict this point within
      Ealdormere's or Society's Rapier Rules.

      For Heavy Rapier, the Society Rapier Rules state the
      following for legged combatants under Section 4:
      Acknowledgement of Blows:
      "F. A valid blow to the foot or leg will disable the
      i. For light rapier and heavy rapier, the fighter must
      then fight kneeling, sitting, or standing on one leg."

      From Silk Slippers to the end of War of the Trilliums,
      to be evaluated at War of the Trilliums.

      All Authorized Rapier Combatants in all sanctioned SCA
      Events and Tournaments within the Kingdom of
      Ealdormere. All participants at a sanctioned SCA
      Rapier Practice within the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

      If anyone has any questions or comments regarding any
      of the above information (sorry, I know there's a lot
      there!) please contact me.

      In Service,

      Senor Mateo de Merida

      Kingdom Rapier Marshal for Ealdormere
      Scholar of the Ealdormere Academy of Defence

      Be a better friend, newshound, and
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