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594SSXS shoes & parking

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  • thltoymaker
    Feb 10, 2008
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      [Ealdormere] SSXS updated information...?
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      Sent: February 10, 2008 9:45:34 AM
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      A couple of notices in regards to Silk Slippers and Crossed Swords next

      First - We have been requested by the church to have inside shoes to
      change into right at the doors. With the amount of snow we have had and
      the salt used, having wet shoes past the door leaves the carpeted stairs
      and hardwood floors a total mess, which they won't have time to clean up
      before the next use of the facility. Please, bring a dry pair of
      footwear change into at the front doors. It would make us very
      happy! We will try to have porters to help carry gear up and down to
      help alleviate any congestion this might cause.

      Second - There is a new policy of 2 hour free metered parking in the
      Guelph Downtown core. This is great except that if you overstay the 2
      hours, even moving your car, they have an aggressive ticketing policy
      according to newspaper editorials. There are 3 municipal parking lots
      downtown that provide free Saturday parking. Please try to find a spot
      in one of these just to be safe!


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