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570Thats not Rust ....

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  • thltoymaker
    Feb 1, 2008
      That's not rust that's just a thin coat of patina ( adds value ) .
      Real rust comes with age ... like fencers who are over 50 !! ;-)
      As for being off kilter ... define kilter ....
      Gerrard who is over 50 and has never been on kilter ( whatever kilter is )

      I shall also be happy to assist at SSXS. ( I can now confirm two list mistresses )

      SSXS Where the real rust will be demonstrated........

      Newest fencer ( in training ) ... Robert Mc Naughton age 14 and 2 months !
      No rust ! Somewhat of a small target to boot.

      Hmmm ...Who is our youngest authorized fencer ??

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