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  • Baron Toymaker
    Sep 1, 2014
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      I shall presume that there will be two

      So after first court / inspections /
      Possibly lunch


      Rapier at Coronation:

      Four single elimination tournaments in specific weapons forms.

      The top two of each go on to the
      8 person double elimination tree.

      ** There may not be time for
      authorizations ...? ** we shall have to decide that as time unfolds.

      Plus ...

      The reign theme is tournaments and

      Having a basic concept or thoughts on what you would like
      would be welcome as well.

      Post your attempts to

      liadin_chu ( at ) rogers ( dot )com

      remove spaces brackets ...insert appropriate stuff ...

      She and many others are willing to assist in the

      From Liadin ( Minister of the Lists )

      Please pass my email on at any and all.

      If they do not have registered heraldry, I have been asking that they tell
      something they would like to represent them, and colors.

      I will design something for them.

      ** Again many others can help ** contact your nearest Herald ...
      Thank You !

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