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2966Rapier Combat at Kingdom A&S -SCHEDULE REVISION

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  • tamlin_01
    Mar 28, 2014
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      Rapier Combat at Kingdom A&S - SCHEDULE REVISION

      The list is outdoors; dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

      10 am to 11 am Inspections and warm up, authorizations if booked in advance to allow for coordination of marshals (Book with THL Jocelyn Cranewall prior to March 27th).

      11 am the list closes for Morning Court.

      11 am to 1pm Lunch break, list closes.

      1pm to 2pm, Street Brawl of Verona, are you a Capulet or Montague? Format: 45 min Melee, combatants will be broken up into two teams from the infamous families of Verona, working to control of the town square. BUT, remember dueling is illegal! Do not get caught by the WATCH or the Douge! (bribery, seduction, framing the other side, scheming, and being a scoundrel are encouraged).

      2 pm to 3pm Three Prize Tourney, This tournament will have a prize for each of the three listed categories, the Best Display of Courtesy and Virtue, Prowess, and Period Fight. Format is a 45 min bear pit (multiple pits if Marshals are available).

      3pm to 4pm Cut & Thrust open list.

      If there is time before court, anyone wishing to teach or provide demonstration in the art of defence may book time to do so, first come first served, contact THL Jocelyn Cranewall

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