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2940Re: Fwd: SCA Rapier News

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  • tamlin_01
    Mar 21, 2014

      PLEASE ALL NOTE: "  Please check with your area's Kingdom Rapier Marshal on how this classification of weapon is being used"

      Before we all go buy Spears I would like to make the strong suggestion that the Spear experiment that is currently in place be allowed to continue so that the KRM can make an informed decision about the use of Spears in Ealdormere.

      Further more I would suggest there is a learinging  curve to be established with our Marshal team about the use of the weapon, its authoriation process and above all calibration.

      Lastly, I would suggest it would be best that all future correspondence on the issue of Spears be confined to the marshal list until our KRM is ready to make the call on the use in Ealdormere.

      In Service,

      THL Jocelyn Cranewall


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