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2918Re: [E_Rapier] Flex tests, appendix 5 and word from on high

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  • John Enzinas
    Dec 11 6:36 AM
      So, just to clarify, no blades are grandfathered. If a previously legal blade doesn't pass the flex test, it is no longer a legal blade, correct?

      Will we make flex testing part of the card renewal process, just like armour testing?


      On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 9:55 PM, Gavin Lusk <oval.one@...> wrote:

      Well folks, the BoD has spoken regarding the flex test and the approved blades list. For those who haven't been following at home, at Pennsic this summer, it was mentioned that the flex test might be removed and a return to the approved blades list might be in the works. 

      I just received this from the SRM, and pass it on to everyone.

      "The BoD has accepted a rules revision that removes the old appendix 5 list of approved blades and specifies the flex test as a significant portion of objective criteria that determines allowed blades.  I am working to get the new rules posted on the rapier website and have an announcement posted to the sca-announce list."

      So, as of now, the only acceptable test is the flex test, though it's probably a safe assumption that any blade on the approved blades list will pass the test.


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