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2858Re: [E_Rapier] Trillies Moot Minutes

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  • Tara England
    Aug 29, 2013
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      Excellent summary my friend,

      I have one correction, one clarification and one suggestion.
      Correction - I believe that the conduct report needed to be endorsed
      only by two individuals not necessarily a marshal. This was for
      situations where the marshals conduct was unbecoming.

      Clarification - I think it is worth stating that the injury reports
      are non prejudicial. Accidents do happen even when everyone is being
      careful. We all felt that this was important. If an injury was caused
      by dangerous behaviour then this is when a conduct report would be
      needed. So you could have a situation that is a true accident, which
      generates an injury report alone. In another instance, an injury is
      caused by someone's dangerous behaviour, in which case an injury
      report plus a conduct report would be needed.

      Suggestion - In light of Gerhard's valid point that everybody hates
      paperwork, perhaps what is needed is an injury report (for moderate to
      severe) and an injury log. The injury log could be simply a journal
      type book (heck even a facebook page), where you simply write down
      your name, date and type of injury.

      For example:

      Ellaire de Troyes, August 17 2012, bruise to right forearm.

      If we decide to do a study of the safety of certain disciplines, then
      these log books could become the source of raw data.

      Thanks for taking on the responsibility of chairing the meeting. It
      was really productive.

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