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2795Re: [E_Rapier] Re: Rapier Fighting @ Trillies

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  • John Enzinas
    May 29, 2013
      no no, I mean that in rapier, for the purpose of counting blows are we
      using the rapier standard (linen shirt) or is it armour as worn. Thus, if I
      am wearing chain and a helmet as part of my Viking portrayal, do I get the
      benefits while I'm fighting or only for the check in when my appearance is


      On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 1:06 PM, Yvonne <tamlin_01@...> wrote:

      > I Got this one! I'm sponsoring it after all..
      > > > *1) By the Book*: Cut and Thrust. The fencers are to be armed and
      > > > armoured in accordance with a single period and place, with
      > concessions to
      > > > safety equipment. The fencer must also fence in a style that matches
      > the
      > > > garb and weaponry, if possible; with the new weapon rules I assume
      > that I
      > > > might see a Viking and/or a Norman on the list. As the combatants are
      > also
      > > > likely to those qualified to be judges, victory will be determined by
      > > > ballot of the combatants of the tournament.
      > > >
      > >
      > > If we are armoured in accordance with a persona, is it Armour as worn or
      > > rapier standard (i.e. linen shirt)?
      > >
      > As much as I would like to employ the light armour standard used by AnTir,
      > its a no go..All amour is to be SCA legal first and formost..It should
      > LOOK, the culture and style you are fighitng in..examples, if you declair
      > your period/ manual to be viking you would be dressed with leg wraps,
      > appropriate bjornsbourg- ish or Roos(sp) attire..If you declare you are
      > fighting Italian or German, your clothes should appear the period that
      > styel was fought in...Capish?
      > Jocelyn ( who needs to find garb judges, cause she knows swordplay and not
      > garb).
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