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2788Rapier Fighting @ Trillies

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  • Aaron Miedema
    May 29, 2013
      OK, here are the Rapier events so far. This is not written in stone and I
      am more than willing to entertain other ideas. If people want to give a
      thumbs up or down on any of the ideas, I'll plan accordingly. Please speak

      The precise schedule is still TBA. But I'm aiming for a morning Tournament
      and a late afternoon Tournament with a suitable break during the hot hours
      of the afternoon. This will make a happy siesta or class time.

      *1) By the Book*: Cut and Thrust. The fencers are to be armed and
      armoured in accordance with a single period and place, with concessions to
      safety equipment. The fencer must also fence in a style that matches the
      garb and weaponry, if possible; with the new weapon rules I assume that I
      might see a Viking and/or a Norman on the list. As the combatants are also
      likely to those qualified to be judges, victory will be determined by
      ballot of the combatants of the tournament.

      *2) Torchlight Tourney*: Heavy Rapier. Round Robin evening tournament.

      *3) Newbee Tourney*: Heavy Rapier. Double Elimination single sword
      tournament for fencers who have been authorized for less than three years.

      *4) Longsword Tournament*. Heavy Rapier. Round Robin tournament fought
      with two handed weapons.

      *5) Single Sword Tournament*: Heavy Rapier

      *6) Sword and Buckler Tournament*: Cut and Thrust. Double elimination
      tournament fought with Sword and Rigid Parry Device.

      *7) Armour Counts Tournament*: Heavy Rapier. Any visible form of metal
      plate armour will be considered impervious to cuts and thrusts. Any
      visible metal chain mail armour will be impervious to cuts. Perf plate and
      fencing grills are not considered to be armour.

      *8) Close Quarters Tournament*: Heavy Rapier. All combatants must wield
      at least one dagger.

      *9) Dubious Kill Tournament*: Heavy Rapier. A combatant will have lost a
      bout after taking one killing blow, they do not stop fighting until they
      have received two killing hits.

      *Belgian Rules Variation*: Not a tourney per see, but a variation that can
      be used. Hand and forearm hits are ignored.
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      1915-1918*, available from Legacy Books Press.

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