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2773Summer Siege Tournament Details

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  • David Gotlieb
    May 23, 2013
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       Greetings all,

      We're now only a few weeks away from Summer Siege near Kemptville the weekend of June 15th. Lots of details are up on the web site but wanted to share the plans for the rapier tournaments here. I've sent them to the Web Minister so they should also hopefully be going up online soon as well.

      Iff there's anyone planning on coming out who wants to do any authorizations, if you could please contact me in advance it would be appreciated. 

      Here are the planned tournaments:

      1)      Baronial Rapier Champions Tourney
      Format TBD
      2)      Gang Plank Siege
      We’re going to echo the sea battle theme from the armoured combat, so this year’s melee will forgo the usual castle. Instead, two ships will meet in the middle of the ocean and the crews will engage across gangplanks.
      No jumping between ships, or between gangplanks, will be permitted. Team with last combatant standing wins the round, best 2 out of three (or more if folks are enjoying the format).
      If we don’t have enough fencers to do a melee, we’ll do a more standard one on one format tournament within the layout of the ships instead.
      3)      Roll of the Dice Bearpit Tourney
      Each time a combatant enters the list they will role a die to determine the weapons form they will use. If they are not authorized in the form rolled, they reroll. (If only authorized in single, no need to roll).
      Combatants will fight, winner stays in and will keep the same form as long as they are winning. Once they lose, they will re-roll when they re-enter the list.
      Matching forms isn’t necessary as it’s up to lady luck to determine the advantage/disadvantage. However, some consideration when fighting new fencers (particularly if you roll “Open Choice”) is encouraged since we’re all here to have fun.

      Lord Dafydd ap Alan (MKA David Gotlieb)
      Canton of Harrowgate Heath

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