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  • Yvonne
    May 3, 2013
      Rain or shine the day promises to be a day of fun, a celebration of prowess with the crowning of Ealdormere's New Prince and Princess, and on the rapier field as combatants get to enjoy a day of artful sword play! All brought to you by MIC of the day Kestra!

      •List will open after Crown tournament procession. The first 1/2 hour for inspections and warm ups

      •A reverse bear pit will be conducted for the duration of crown tourney.

      •List will close at the point of semi finals.

      •List will re-open after finals for open sparing, all styles from a dagger fight to long sword and cut & thrust are welcome. The list will close just before court.

      Please be courteous and check your armour and weapons prior to the day of the event. Making necessary repairs prior to arrival will speed inspections on the day of the event.

      This advertisement brought to you by the MIC's minion for a day,
      THL Jocelyn Cranewall / Yvonne Rogers