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2726Lady Mary

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  • thltoymaker
    Apr 1, 2013
      From Gerrard:

      Well Their soon to be Majesties have requested " Bear Pit " formats.
      I was thinking on having a Reverse Bear Pit Poker Tournament:

      Hammers must win 3 bouts before getting a card.
      Scarlet Banners must win two bouts before getting a card.
      People 2 years and under can exchange cards. ( Must discard before drawing )

      I have no Idea as to how much room we have ( Attempting to find out )

      ** Anyone using something for the first time in an Tournament will be
      required to demonstrate their safety with said form or weapon before its
      allowed. **
      I would like to start inspections at around 11:30 ish
      Break for lunch:
      If the weather is nice and we have room ..Lets Play outside !!
      A Melee' would be fun as well.
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