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2717Fwd: [krms] Spear Report from Caid

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  • Gavin Lusk
    Mar 5, 2013
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      For those who are following and participating in our long-hafted weapons

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      Date: Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 2:59 PM
      Subject: [krms] Spear Report from Caid
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      Spears have been a hot topic of late. The Caid experiment with Alchem
      blades is nearly at it's end, the following report shows the current
      state of affairs:

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      Date: Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 9:33 PM
      Spear report:
      After one year seven (7) fighters have successfully completed the
      authorization process and three (3) have begun the process, but have
      not completed it. (And three were grandfathered in.)
      The multi-step process, though long, seems to assure that fighters can
      demonstrate adequate control over the weapon in a melee situation.
      Initially we started with one marshal watching two specific fighters,
      but the nature of melee combat necessitated changing to a quadrant
      system. We still need one spear marshal for two authorizing fighters,
      but each one watches a specific area, or team rather than specific
      fighters since individuals often move about so both can not be in one
      person�s line-of-sight.
      In addition to marshaling for hand potions/control and calibration,
      marshals also had to keep an eye on �dead� spearmen. To prevent a
      fighter attempting to swing a pole-arm around a battle field to make
      it horizontal, as one would with a sword; we established the �dead
      spearman� pose where one hold the spear vertical with one hand and
      places the other hand on top of the head. This makes it clear to all
      fighters that the spearman is not a valid combatant and keeps the
      spear from harming others as they move about.
      In a similar manner, by overwhelming majority it was decided that one
      should not be permitted to use a spear from the ground if one is
      legged. The angles of attack and the location of the haft is too much
      of a hazard to make this a viable option. If the fighter has a sword
      handy, they may lay the spear at their side and continue with the
      sword, or, more likely, they will have to leave the combat area if
      they are legged. (They aren�t dead, so they don�t have to leave the
      field, but they must keep the potential hazard out of the way.)

      As before, spears are a more welcome addition to melees than not, and
      while they require more attention and control, the long authorization
      process enforces that in potential spear fighters. Each one is taught
      counter-leverage to force the �blade� to flex, potentially damping
      harder thrusts and how to keep both hands on the weapon to avoid �pool
      cutting� or �throwing.� Earlier in the year we even lined up fighters
      who have never felt a spear blow for calibrations tests, so everyone
      would know what they feel like. We found this necessary since, like
      RBGs, spears can land without the recipient being aware, so the shot
      might not register properly.

      We will perform a final data collection at the collegium in April, and
      submit a report as soon as that data can be organized. We hope that
      spears can be accepted as a melee weapon with the current
      authorization process in time for the Potrero War at the end of May.

      If you approve, I hope to get a formal structure written down for your
      formal approval.
      Thanks for your patience!
      In Service,
      Alexander Kallidokos

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