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2715Moot update

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  • Gavin MacAidan
    Feb 18, 2013
      Hi folks;

      First, thanks to everyone who came out to the moot and shared their
      thoughts. We had some good discussions going, and a couple of questions
      were asked that still have me pondering how to respond. I'm going to take a
      day or three to have the discussions percolate through my mind, then write
      up my own thoughts and share them with the community as a whole. I'm
      looking for feedback, so when my thoughts do come down the pipe, I want to
      hear yours in response.

      We're going to be having a couple more moots this year, one in the summer
      and one in the fall. Details will be forthcoming, but for the summer one,
      I'm thinking Trilies may be the best time for it. I haven't approached
      anyone formally regarding this yet, so don't write it in your calendars,
      but it's probably a good bet if we can make it happen.

      Finally, I'd like to thank His Majesty and Her Highness for coming and
      adding their own thoughts to the matter, and also very much to THL Jocelyn
      Roget de Cranewell for facilitating and keeping us pointed in the right

      Stay tuned for further updates.


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