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2697VDM Rapier Schedule

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  • Yvonne
    Jan 27, 2013
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      Hi all, It's Jocelyn giving you an advanced head's up for VDM!

      NOTE ON AUTHORIZATIONS: As we have condensed time to play due to the Kingdom MOOT Authorizations must be scheduled in advance to ensure testing Marshall availability and timely execution. Email the MIC, Jocelyn Cranewall at tamlin01@... no later than Feb. 8, 2013 with the following information:
      the combatant name;
      name of current Canton practice;
      desired authorization type.
      If this information is given in advance all measures to ensure proper testing marshal are available can be madeĀ…no info means no advanced booking. No authorization.

      7pm to 10pm Rapier inspections, authorizations and pick-ups


      10am to 12 am/Noon (after the closing of the Kingdom Moot) Rapier Inspections and authorizations

      12am/Noon to 12:30 Lunch Break

      12:30 to done, Tournament: Round robin, play each person once, no double kills. Highest 8 scores will go the single elimination tree to determine a single winner...prize..you get braggin' rights!

      Tournament completion to 3pm: Pick-Ups

      3pm to 4:30pm: C&T Pick up hour

      4:30 pm List closes
      RAPIER MOOT: 15 minutes after Kingdom Court Ends, on the rapier list.

      See ya all there! Don't forget your authorization cards as I will be asking for them!