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2617Huntsman's Harvest

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  • bad_yoshi
    Oct 9, 2012

      I am, in fact, the MiC for rapier at Huntsman's Harvest. I have a brief amount of time to get a description out, as I'm still incredibly busy at work. I did manage to get saturday off, so I will in fact be there. Come one, come all. You know it's going to be fun, cause, well... i'll be there. ;) There will be a bear pit tourney, as well as other nonsense and shannanigans. Fencers of Ben Dufirth, the bear pit tourney will be of particular interest... something about a baronial rapier champion or something... yeah...

      Toymaker... If you have some things you'd like to run, by all means speak to me on saturday. I've had little time to plan anything, as I've done nothing but work since Pennsic.

      In Service to the Dream,

      THL Kurushima Yoshiatsu
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