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2616Rapier at Scotchtoberfest

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    Oct 3, 2012
      Scotchtoberfest is rapidly approaching, Saturday October 20th to be exact, and there will be fencing galore. I'm planning three tournaments which will be in keeping with the Germano-Scottish theme for the event.
      The first tourney is a Fechtschule, a German format found in 16th century and one of the only actual tourneys that involved rapiers. Originally these tourneys were competitions between the two main fencing guilds in the Holy Roman Empire, The Brotherhood of St. Mark (the Marxbrudder) and the Federfechters. In this case fencers will be divided into two groups, one representing the Germans and one representing the Scots. The sides will take turns choosing a fencer and then the other side will choose an opponent for them. The winning fencer recieves a gem and the side with the most gems at the end wins. Depending on numbers of fencers we could let people go through two or three times.
      The second tournament will be a sword and targe (buckler) tournament in honour of the Scots. Depending on time/numbers we can run it as a double or single elimination tournament.
      Finally, in honour of the Germans, we will hold a two handed weapons tourney. Again it will double or single elimination depending on time/numbers. I'll try to make sure there are some extra two handed weapons available and remember, you only need your single authorization to use a two handed sword.
      It's interesting to note that the Germans also liked to play with bucklers and the Scots have a fondness for two handed swords. 
      Any bout can be fought using Cut & Thrust as long as the opponents are authorized and appropriately armoured.
      If there are any questions, please let me know. Also, you'll get a chance to see the incredibly spiffy list poles and ropes that Gerrard made. They are awesome.
      p.s. For those who may consider sticking around in the area, we are looking at holding a fencing and armoured combat practice the following day in Guelph, at the University of Guelph. Details will follow.
      Yours in Service

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