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2611Re: [E_Rapier] Rapier Man at Arms ?

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  • thltoymaker
    Sep 24, 2012
      I really like Comrade at Arms.
      For a variety of reasons:
      Less offensive / Less confusing
      I have yet to create the Parameters of what a Comrade at Arms would
      entail, however Its very likely the most important things.
      Like Play safe
      Have Fun
      ( Embrace defeat ) etc..
      ( so far Im just formulating seeking advice on concept )
      Which this discussion has been very fruitful !!
      May thanks and other thoughts most welcome.
      If you wish or prefer contact me at thltoymaker@...

      On 9/24/2012 7:11 PM, Kathleen Gormanshaw wrote:
      > On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 2:33 PM, thltoymaker <thltoymaker@...
      > <mailto:thltoymaker%40cogeco.ca>> wrote:
      > > From Gerrard:
      > > Is there any convention that would not allow a Rapier Man at Arms?
      > >
      > > Not a Master of Arms.
      > Some knights take "Men at Arms" as a role for someone who isn't a
      > squire but might become one, someone who they want to encourage or
      > help grow. I think it would confuse people to use the same phrase for
      > a different purpose.
      > I'm confused by your question, though, what would your relationship be
      > with this person? Are you equals in knowledge? Equals in skill?
      > Helping each other improve equally? Helping each other improve in
      > different skills? Is one person more experienced than the other?
      > "Rapier at Arms" sounds like the sword you're holding in your hand,
      > not like a person. Comrade in Arms sounds like a person you fight
      > with regularly, whom you might train with, and you're fairly equal in
      > skill and experience with that person.
      > Eyrny
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