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2609Re: [E_Rapier] Rapier Man at Arms ?

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  • Kathleen Gormanshaw
    Sep 24, 2012
      On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 2:33 PM, thltoymaker <thltoymaker@...> wrote:
      > From Gerrard:
      > Is there any convention that would not allow a Rapier Man at Arms?
      > Not a Master of Arms.

      Some knights take "Men at Arms" as a role for someone who isn't a
      squire but might become one, someone who they want to encourage or
      help grow. I think it would confuse people to use the same phrase for
      a different purpose.

      I'm confused by your question, though, what would your relationship be
      with this person? Are you equals in knowledge? Equals in skill?
      Helping each other improve equally? Helping each other improve in
      different skills? Is one person more experienced than the other?

      "Rapier at Arms" sounds like the sword you're holding in your hand,
      not like a person. Comrade in Arms sounds like a person you fight
      with regularly, whom you might train with, and you're fairly equal in
      skill and experience with that person.

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