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2599Rapier Man at Arms ?

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  • thltoymaker
    Sep 24, 2012
      From Gerrard:
      Is there any convention that would not allow a Rapier Man at Arms?

      Not a Master of Arms.

      A Rapier Man at Arms in my minds eye would simply be someone ,that a
      person of experience, would approach so as to gain knowledge, direction,
      and experience .

      ( That person would likely be a Thorbjorn's Hammer )
      They could be approached or could approach those that they wish to guide.

      That person would need to know what it means to be a ' Man of Arms '
      ( Specifically in Rapier )

      Shorter question:
      Is there any convention that forbids me from selecting someone as my Man
      at Arms ( Rapier )?
      Perhaps even referring them as a Rapier at Arms thus eliminating the gender.
      Thanks ( Hey sometimes ya gotta stir the pot ...smiles ! )
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