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2467Reminder: Fencing at Fool

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    May 17, 2012
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      Fruits of our Labours is very nearly upon us, just two short days away. There will be plently of fencing related classes and at least one tournament. Here is the schedule again:

      10 am - Inspections, authorizations, warm up

      11 am - Melee Practice (HRM Sir Edward the Red)

      12:30 - 1 pm Lunch break

      1 pm - German Sword and Buckler Plays (HE Giovanni d'Enzinas)

      2 pm - Intro to Capo Ferro (Archibald Weatherford)

      3 pm - Tournament - Authentic Accoutrement


      10 am - Inspections, authorizations, warm up

      11 am - Intro to Cut and Thrust (THL Albrecht Stampfer) 

      12:30 pm - 1 pm Lunch

      1 pm - Kingdom Moot

      2 pm - Fiore Class (Archibald Weatherford)

      3 pm - Tournament/Open List
      Here are the tourney details:
      Authentic Accoutrements Tourney

      In this tournament, the number of touches that have to be scored on you is
      ...determined by the authenticity of your kit. The more authentic your kit, the
      more touches it will take to eliminate you from the tournament. For example:

      1 hit - mostly modern equipment - e.g. modern fencing jacket, running
      shoes, jeans or slacks
      2 hits- pretty good - a reasonable attempt at pre-17th century garb
      3 hits - nice - all pre-1600 kit, nothing visibly modern save a mask,
      rapier and dagger hilts are period - the ten foot rule will be
      in effect (i.e. if it looks good from 10 feet, it's good).
      4 hits- someone that could have stepped out of a picture from the period
      1550-1600, from the top of their head to the tip of their toes. Parrying devices must be period in nature and not bizarre. Participants will be scored on average of several categories: Torso/Head, Legs, Feet, and Weapons/Parrying Devices. Average of these categories determines final score.

      The Marshal in Charge and perhaps one or two other judges will do the authenticity checking and each participant will be informed of the number of touches they can take.
      The tourney will be fought as a single or double elimination tourney with random draw depending on numbers of fencers for the day.

      Please feel free to provide documentation for you accoutrement if you think
      there will be any questions of its authenticity. AVB Norman's Rapier and Smallsword 1460-1820 will be used to check sword and dagger hilts to see if they are pre 17th century. 

      Other event details can be found here. 
      It looks like we're going to have excellent weather if a bit on the hot side. Bring plently of drinkables. I think the local water has tested as potable, but bring some of you're own, just in case.
      Yours in Service

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