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237Spring Tune Up

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  • Garry Campbell
    Jun 3, 2007
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      Morning all,
      I just wanted to remind everyone that Spring tune up will be the
      melee class. I would like to see everyone there with an open mind
      and a willingness to try and think a little differently then we may
      be used too.

      A good part of the class will be theory. I will be stopping and
      expressing my opinions and points on melee. And giving ideas and
      suggestions. I will be opening the conversation up to questions and
      brain storming after I do each small brief.

      Id like to keep it as simple as possible and with as little ego
      tossing or crushing as possible. I want this to be fun and
      informative and to do that I need everyones help.

      I hope its helpfull and fun and educational.

      For some of you its nothing more then a recap of things you know.
      For others it will be completly new and very much needed.

      Remember that if its old and boring to you its new and wonderfull
      for some one else. So lets let everyone get what they can from it.

      Thanks in advance
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