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2342Re: [E_Rapier] Re: Val Day / Peerage

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  • Aaron Miedema
    Feb 21, 2012
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      Irene, thanks again for you input and weighing the contrary points of view.

      I too have seen the sence of it taking too long for elevation. But,
      typically it is on the part of person who is seeking the rank "Hells bells,
      what do I have to do to get noticed." =) Living on the edge of a Kingdom
      for much of my time in the SCA, I chalked it up to being on the edge of a
      Kingdom. Although, to be frank the ins and outs of the awards system has
      not ever irked me, it has left me alone, and I have left it alone.

      You are correct that "peers behaving badly" is a personality and case by
      case experience. The counter question would be, how many individual
      cases does it take to form a theme? =) Once again it is a glass half
      empty half full kind of discussion. One can acknowledge individual trees,
      but sometimes trees are part of a forest. =)

      I think that there might be regional/kingdom differences. I'll go out on a
      limb and express my opinion, I suspect Ealdormere suffers from more
      fractious and passive-aggressive politics than in most kingdoms. Two
      things make me suggest this. First, the Kingdom has a fairly hight level
      of membership, but only slightly more than half of that membership is
      active in the cantons. In other words, there are alot of people who like
      the SCA but aren't interested in participating in the administration of the
      kingdom. Now this is only one potential broad readings of the statistics.
      The second is that I am having this discussion with peers from out of
      kingdom. Not that I mind that, the out of Kingdom perspective is good. I
      suspect there is a certain amount of insecurity within the kingdom that
      motivates people prefer to not engage in such discussions of cabbages and
      kings. =) In the end I think that this may simply add to isolation and
      resentment. But that is merely my opinion. =)

      Thanks again Irene.
      Aaron Miedema, B.F.A., B.A., M.A.
      Author of *Bayonets and Blobsticks, The Canadian Experience of Close Combat
      1915-1918*, available from Legacy Books Press.

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