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2126Crown Tournament Schedule / Format

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  • thltoymaker
    Oct 9, 2011
      Greetings from Gerrard:
      It is my understanding that we can begin fencing shortly after
      procession. Stopping respectfully during the finals and proclamations.

      I have been witness to a rather interesting format:
      Reverse Bear Pit Poker.

      The Loser only remains in for a max of three then takes a card. ( All
      shuffled and face down naturally )
      Every time you win ( or above ) you take a card.
      No one can have more than 5 cards.
      You Must discard before drawing a card.
      It would be nice to have two lists going so we get a nice mix of whom
      we fence !!
      I may occasionally ask if we need to shuffle the lines !!

      So skill is an asset in the sense that you have more of a selection.
      However Poker does have its risks and rewards.
      Keep your hand or risk your hand ??
      For only the best hand will win !!
      I shall fashion up a few Blade buddies as prizes !!

      Bring your fencing cards !!!!!

      The Rapier Blades of Ealdormere

      With chivalry and honour upon the field.
      Our enemy's fates are forever sealed.
      Try as they may to foreshadow these lands.
      With courage and skill we shall make our stand.

      Our blades may bend but we will never yield.
      With chivalry and honour upon the field.
      Our word binds us to protect the Lupine Thrones.
      We pledge our lives whether we are afar or at home.

      Stalwartly we brandish the blades of Ealdormere
      As long as we do " Crown "and citizen shall never fear.
      With chivalry and honour upon the field.
      We have sworn an oath stronger than that of finest steel.

      Rapier sharp are the blades that we skillfully command.
      We stand like wolf sentinels to Your trillium bound lands.
      A Lethal of fencers northern forged and as true as the
      blades they wield.
      With chivalry and honour upon the field.

      Aut Vinceri Aut Mori
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