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2106Re: [E_Rapier] New Society Rapier Marshal

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  • Nicholas Russon
    Jul 21, 2011
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      Congratulations on your new role. Now you'll be as scary off the lists as you can be on them! ;-)


      Nicholas Russon

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      >Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 10:29:29 PM
      >Subject: [E_Rapier] New Society Rapier Marshal
      >Greetings unto all Rapier Fighters in the Known World from Baroness Eyrny
      >On August 1 I will be the new Society Rapier Marshal.  Many thanks to
      >Sir Thomas Logan for his time and effort put into this task over the
      >last few years!
      >I call Ealdormere home, and have been involved in rules development
      >for the Midrealm, Ealdormere, and a past revision of the the Corporate
      >rules. I love visiting Gulf Wars and Pennsic, and look forward to
      >getting to know people from more places.
      >One of my goals in my new job is to increase communication with
      >everyone doing rapier.  On Monday, August 8, on the Pennsic rapier
      >field, around 4 pm following the Don/Dona tournament, I will host a
      >What's a moot, you may ask?  The word comes from the Anglo-Saxons, and
      >for Ealdormere it's a custom where everyone gathers, any Royalty take
      >off their crowns, and any topic may be discussed.  Questions can be
      >asked and anyone who knows can answer, proposals can be made and
      >commented on, pretty much anything polite goes.  One of the topics I'd
      >like to see discussed is KWAR, and whether there is interest in having
      >another one.  Please bring your thoughts and your own questions.
      >At other times, feel free to email me at rapier@... or look me up
      >on Facebook (Eyrny Ormarrsdottir) and send me a message.
      >Please distribute this to all kingdom rapier lists, or other
      >interested lists, and if you're coming to Pennsic, I hope to see you
      >at the Moot.
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

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