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2104New Society Rapier Marshal

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  • Eyrny
    Jul 20, 2011
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      Greetings unto all Rapier Fighters in the Known World from Baroness Eyrny

      On August 1 I will be the new Society Rapier Marshal. Many thanks to
      Sir Thomas Logan for his time and effort put into this task over the
      last few years!

      I call Ealdormere home, and have been involved in rules development
      for the Midrealm, Ealdormere, and a past revision of the the Corporate
      rules. I love visiting Gulf Wars and Pennsic, and look forward to
      getting to know people from more places.

      One of my goals in my new job is to increase communication with
      everyone doing rapier. On Monday, August 8, on the Pennsic rapier
      field, around 4 pm following the Don/Dona tournament, I will host a

      What's a moot, you may ask? The word comes from the Anglo-Saxons, and
      for Ealdormere it's a custom where everyone gathers, any Royalty take
      off their crowns, and any topic may be discussed. Questions can be
      asked and anyone who knows can answer, proposals can be made and
      commented on, pretty much anything polite goes. One of the topics I'd
      like to see discussed is KWAR, and whether there is interest in having
      another one. Please bring your thoughts and your own questions.

      At other times, feel free to email me at rapier@... or look me up
      on Facebook (Eyrny Ormarrsdottir) and send me a message.

      Please distribute this to all kingdom rapier lists, or other
      interested lists, and if you're coming to Pennsic, I hope to see you
      at the Moot.

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