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2076Rapier at Summer Siege

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  • David Gotlieb
    Jun 18, 2011
      Greetings all,

      Just a reminder that there will be rapier at Summer Siege in Harrowgate Heath next weekend, so bring your gear if you plan to attend. We will have tourneys, melee (with our own straw structure to play in) and there will be prizes. There will also be a triathalon with rapier as one of the possible legs.

      There will be a feast this year, and lots of other activities as well.

      Here is the web site for those interested: http://www.harrowgateheath.com/Activities/Events/2011/siege_main.htm

      (Sorry, no rapier schedule posted yet, I've been away, but there will be fencing all day with the triathalon tournament scheduled late morning)