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2020Fwd: [krms] Pennsic Schedule...

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  • L. Tremblay
    Apr 4, 2011
      For any who are interested


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      [krms] Pennsic Schedule...
      Mon, 4 Apr 2011 10:04:41 -0400
      Colin MacNish <wardermacnish@...>

      If you would be so kind as to cross post this to your respective lists I
      would appreciate it.
      Have your people who are wanting to host battles/tourneys to send me the

      Host of tourney/battle
      Name of tourney
      Default weapons
      Default rules and any special conventions
      Selection of 3 dates and times
      What they don't want to conflict with if possible
      Location ie. woods, fort, rapier list etc...
      Summary of the event

      have them send it to;

      wardermacnish@... <mailto:wardermacnish@...>

      Also remind them that they are to ensure that there are enough Marshals
      to cover their battles/tournament.
      Colin MacNish
      Midrealm KRM
      I am the Shepherd who herds the Drama Llamas...


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