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1955Card Stamping Dude !!

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  • thltoymaker
    Jan 16, 2011
      From Gerrard:
      Please check your fencing cards often ! Expiry dates have a way of
      sneaking up on you !!

      I shall be attending:

      Fri - Feb 11 -- Sun - Feb 13
      Saint Valentine's Day Massacre II
      Hosted by the Incipient Canton of Swan's Keep (Barrie, ON)

      Sat - Mar 05
      Winter War XIII
      Hosted by the Shire of Trinovantia Nova (St. Thomas, ON)

      Sat - Apr 16
      Spring Coronation
      Hosted by the Canton of Eoforwic (Ajax, ON)

      Sat - May 07
      Lady Mary
      Hosted by the Barony of Rising Waters (Smithville, Ont)

      Sat - May 14
      Youth In Charge
      Hosted by the Shire of Trinovantia Nova (London, ON)

      Fri - May 20 -- Mon - May 23
      Fruits of our Labours IV
      Hosted by the Canton of Bryniau Tywwnog (Ayr,)

      Others T.B.D.

      Or ...!!
      Get your fencing stuff tested. The card would be good for two years. so...
      Fencing armour drop tester tested // body armour and hood // Mask
      tested using mask tester.
      Fill out form Legibly.

      Then simply mail the form to me. Plus your card so it can be stamped !!

      Include a self addressed stamped envelope. So I can return your new
      card / revised card.

      If your card has expired you will have to do the above and
      re-authorize. Dems da rules...!

      Send to:

      Gerry Dowswell
      320 Bright St
      Sarnia On.
      N7T 4G2

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