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1828Re: [E_Rapier] A Breif Account of the Moot

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  • Steve Bulger
    Jul 28, 2010
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      Eve Harris & David Stamper wrote:
      > We forgot to look at the note during the discussion, which states:
      > 3. The Corporation allows a fighter who has received a blow to the leg
      > to fight sitting, kneeling or standing on one leg. In Ealdormere, a fighter
      > who has received a blow to the leg must fight from the ground, while sitting
      > or kneeling, and may not rise up or move from point A to point B. The
      > fighter may rotate on the ground in their chosen sitting or kneeling
      > position to engage their opponent.
      > I'm not sure what is meant by point A to point B. I'm hoping Mateo can
      > clarify this as it might answer the question.

      This sounds like a reference to, and contrast with, heavy fighting,
      where from what I can tell from watching a fighter who has been legged
      can (at least sometimes) still move around on his knees (ie can move
      from one spot on the list field to another if he wishes, as long as he
      stays on his knees while doing so, vs getting to his feet) in addition
      to rotating on the spot.


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