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  • Ross Weaver
    Apr 8, 2010
      I've been thinking of writing this letter for a bit but it is hard.

      Most of you don't know, but I have been injured. It limits my ability
      to travel and fence.

      I have been encountering problems with Sciatic nerve since January,
      and I was unable to fence. It was looking healed by the end of
      February, and I was starting to fence again. At the start of March a
      virus attacked the sciatic nerve in my right leg. The virus is gone,
      but there may be permanent damage.

      My right foot is numb, the degree and size of numbness changes (which
      the professionals tell me is a good sign). The muscles in my right
      leg are not responding properly. I've lost a lot of muscle mass and
      movement in my legs (right one in particular)...

      The medical professionals are hoping the nerve will heal itself and
      the problem will just go away. They really don't know what is wrong
      other than the nerve is not working properly. I have an MRI scheduled
      for this summer, and boy do I hope it heals before that...

      I am fencing now, but I'm not up to normal abilities. I traveled from
      Ottawa to Hamilton last weekend and set my recovery back weeks due to
      too long in the car, etc. and made me realize that recovery is not
      guaranteed this time. So I'm not able to fence as well as I used to,
      and my travel is limited. My balance is off and sometimes I have
      problems walking right now, on a good day most people wont notice it,
      on a bad day I limp, wobble and have to lay down to rest a lot.

      I'm hoping I can make a decent showing at Coronation on the 24th, as I
      should be able to travel to Kingston. And cross my fingers my leg
      will be stable enough to allow me to fence some.

      I don't know if I will ever be good enough to play a prize fight in
      the EAoD again. I have the small hope I will be able to fight my
      provost prize at War to the Trilliums, but I'm pretty sure I would not
      be able to complete the prize before my leg gave out.

      ~Wilhelm von Pottruff
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