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  • thltoymaker
    Mar 23, 2010
      FOOL 3: It's All Fun and Games
      Hosted by the Barony of Ramshaven (Kitchener, ON)

      Murder Melee XXVII
      Hosted by the Barony of Ben Dunfirth

      War of the Trillium
      Hosted by the Canton of Ard Creag



      New first time authorizations: require that a Waiver be singed by that person ! Submitted

      That the Armour has been tested ( mask hood body )

      That paperwork submitted

      Half of the authorizing paper. Submitted

      a self addressed and stamped envelope

      All three placed into an envelope which also includes the self addressed and stamped envelope.

      Mailed to:

      Gerry Dowswell

      320 Bright St.

      Sarnia ON

      N7T 4G2

      Any secondary authorizations and any recent armour passes must be reported to Your Group Rapier Marshal so that they can update Their Group Rapier List.


      Now ... go inspect and clean your toys !! / Play safe !! Have Fun !!

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