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1501Melee Engagement

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  • Kathleen Gormanshaw
    Feb 11, 2010
      There was a request to discuss melee engagement rules. For your
      consideration, here are the rules for Gulf Wars, developed by multiple
      kingdoms with experience doing melees at many events a year. I
      believe these rules are the same as last year, which means they
      survived a war's worth of testing and were deemed sufficient.

      Engagement Specifics will be discussed prior to each battle.
      Engagement will generally be defined as "180 Degree Front" which will
      be considered as 180 degrees of arc centered in the direction a
      fighter is generally facing, walking or attacking.
      No more then 3 on 1 during engagement.
      If a combatant engages any one person in a unit then that combatant
      has engaged that whole unit.
      Disengagement will be defined as when combatants are 15 feet away from
      each other.
      Units can move into an engagement at a double time step and individual
      fighter may move at a full run as long as they slow to safe pace
      before throwing an attack.
      Deliberate body-to-body contact is not allowed. In melee scenarios,
      deliberate "corps de corps" attacks or suicide charges are grounds for
      being removed from the field.
      Any engagement issue is subject to marshal review.

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