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1481V-Day & Winter War / Happy New Year !!

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  • thltoymaker
    Dec 31, 2009
      I am happy to say that at least two of us scoundrels ( possibly three ) will be attending

      Valentines Day Massacre .

      Plus while I'm certain that Santa : Likely drained your wallet.

      It would be most prudent to save your Loonies , Twonies , Fives ,

      Tens , and even Twenties for

      the Daughters of the North Raffle at Winter War.

      Why is this ...?

      Where else might you acquire a brand spanking new hand painted aluminum gorget worth $80 for

      a fraction of that cost.

      Gorget is crafted from the proper gauge aluminum.

      Is fully padded by a very durable and washable inner padding.

      Which is encased by two layers of drop tested canvas.

      The canvas and it's internal pading can be easily removed from the gorget and washed as is needed.

      Leather straps. & Metal buckles ( riveted on )

      This hand painted gorget will make you the envy of Ealdormere if not possibly the known world.

      And finally may all of you have a healthy , prosperous, and joyous New Year !!


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