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1387Fight practise Sunday after A&S

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  • Kathleen Gormanshaw
    Nov 2, 2009
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      Don Giovanni from Trimaris is joining us at A&S on the 14th to help
      with the testing of the EAOD's batch of Praeceptors. His flight does
      not return home until Monday, so we have the opportunity to set up an
      additional practise time with him on the Sunday.

      Who would like to take part in that, and what times would you be available?

      We've looked into getting a room at the U of Guelph but none are
      available at 11 am, which seemed like the most logical time. For a
      small group of people, the next easiest option will be practising in
      our backyard, assuming the weather co-operates. Other possibilities
      are welcome!

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