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1335A&S schedule was Re: GERMAN LONG SWORD CLASS

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  • Yvonne
    Oct 4, 2009
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      Unto the rapier populace of Ealdomere do I, Jocelyn Cranewell, Preceptor of the Academy send greetings.

      In resposne to the conscerns respecting list size, schedule and the classes, be assured there is more then one list space,the schedule for the day will be posted shortly, and the class being offered, from a most generous gentle, travelling from Florida, will not impact the timing of the Provost Prize fights.

      Candidates for the Provost prize, note you will be recieving further information respecting the day, prior to Thanksgiving. Should you have any specifice concerns or questions, you are encouraged to email me directly at tamlin01@....

      In service,
      Jocelyn Cranewall
      Preceptor of the Ealdormere Academy of Defense

      --- In E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com, Ross Weaver <ross.weaver@...> wrote:
      > > 1) The EAOD has a dedicated list field for the day. There is no formal
      > > feast, so the only need to stop is during court. That leaves lots and
      > > lots of time.
      > I assume that the dedicated rapier list the long sword is being
      > taughtin is the same list as the EAOD has? Please correct me if I
      > wrong. If it is the same list this means that the EAOD trials cannot
      > begin until noon, which is a good time to start. I know I want at
      > least 15-20 minutes to warm up, get ready to fight the other
      > candidates, and I assume they would as well, so 12:30 is the earliest
      > start time for the trials.
      > I'm also assuming we have only space for one bout at a time. Rapier
      > needs a larger list that armoured combat. If it is a small list I
      > don't mind, I have the advantage then, because out of all the
      > combatants, I'm the smallest.
      > > 2) I cannot believe that you would need 3 hours to fight 40 fights. The
      > > Crown tourney that Edward won had 600 fights in just about 4 hours.
      > > Duke Aaron himself fought over 300 fights in 8 hours each of 3 days at
      > > Pennsic when he did his 1000 fights. To fight 40 fights in 3 hours
      > > means each fight is around 4 minutes each. That boogles my mind, but if
      > > you need that much time, it's available.
      > Assuming there is one list. There are 4 candidates that must fight 40
      > bouts each. That is a minimum of 100 bouts for the entire counted
      > trials, at 3 minutes a piece on average (lets assume weapon changes
      > and equipment fixes fits into 3 min average). We are looking at 300
      > minutes, 5 hours total, if there is one list and everything goes
      > smoothly, for the counted bouts. Then 15 minutes a candidate to hold
      > the field against all comers adds 1 hour. That is 6 hours of fighting
      > and that is everything going well.
      > Plus the candidates have been asked to teach/present their research
      > projects. Even there if we all do it concurrently we need say 1.5
      > hours for project time as well. I could do mine at the same time as
      > the long sword class, but I need active space as well to teach Saviolo
      > and it would be rude to our guest to have the candidates teaching
      > against them. As the teaching has already taken place it doesn't have
      > to happen again, that would be easiest way to shorten the process for
      > everyone involved.
      > Anyhow, just want to make sure everyone involved has thought about the
      > amount of time this is all going to take.
      > ~Herr Wilhelm
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