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1254RE: [E_Rapier] Death From Behind

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  • Eve Harris & David Stamper
    Jul 10 11:25 AM
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      Part of the problem is that we do so little melee in Ealdormere that it is
      hard to see when something becomes problematic. There have been excellent
      initiatives by THL Gareth and Count Sir Edward in getting some melee
      training going here but it's still not extensive. I made the ruling so there
      would at least be some consistency and I noted that several other Kingdoms
      use the convention. Baroness Eyrny recently showed me a copy of the rules
      from GW where front seems to be more determined by direction of movement and
      intent then by anatomy and it seems very sensible. I'm planning on reviewing
      the way we handle front but I just thought it was interesting that Pennsic
      they were using the shoulders convention.

      I think with the shoulders issue a bit of common sense comes into play. Once
      you've seen someone who could engage you, you can't go twisting your
      shoulders around to put an obvious opponent behind you. With one shoulder
      leading there is still a fair amount of "front" to hit and it does pretty
      much force the opponent to move into a place where they can be seen. I do
      like the addition of the reasonable attempt at being seen. I guess we'll
      have to see how things go at Pennsic. Again, the GW solution sounded good to
      me and it's something I'm considering.


      KRM, Ealdormere


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      Measured by shoulders? Do you ever have an issue with folks in a "fencers
      stance" shoulders running front to rear and thus their back faces either
      right or left of the line and there cant be struck? We discussed this idea
      for GW and found alot of resistence to it for this reason.
      Just curious

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      Subject: [E_Rapier] Death From Behind
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      Interestingly enough, at Pennsic this year they have chosen the same
      convention for DFB as we use in Ealdormere:

      Fighters may strike any opponent with any legal blow if they are within the
      180-degree arc of the opponent's front, as measured from the plane of the
      opponent's shoulders. A fighter who approaches an opponent from behind shall
      not deliver a blow until he is within that frontal arc. A fighter may never
      strike an opponent from behind. In addition, fencers should make a
      reasonable attempt to get an opponent's attention before throwing a blow.


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