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1207Re: [E_Rapier] Murder Melee

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  • Nicholas J. Corkigian
    Jun 28 8:57 PM
      And thanks to Yoshi for taking over the duties of Baronial Marshal from me!

      Six long years as BRM had burnt me out a bit, but maybe I'll get a
      little bit of the enthusiasm back under Yoshi's direction. :-)

      On a similar note, could everyone please check their gear bags. My
      dagger scabbard went for a walk on Saturday. It's a PVC tube covered
      with black hockey tape and has copper top and bottom fittings. It
      would be nice to get back. Also gone walking were a pair of brand-new
      Mark's Workhouse gloves that Baudoin loaned me for the day. Much
      appreciated to anyone who can locate these items for me.


      On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 6:55 PM, Paul Perreault<locusthellion@...> wrote:
      > Greetings fellow fencers,
      > I'm sore and exhausted from teardown and cleanup today, but before I drop
      > for a twelve hour nap, I wanted to thank everyone who attended Murder Melee
      > this weekend. I thought the tournament, considering I had little time to
      > really plan anything, went rather well, and I know everyone who participated
      > in the woods battle loved it. A special thanks to his Majesty for joining us
      > in the woods, and Ed The Red for his advice and instruction on woods melee
      > battles, it was a great lesson for us all. As a brand new marshall, I admit
      > that I was a little nervous, and not quite as prepared as I wanted to be,
      > and any suggestions or comments are appreciated. :)
      > Congradulations once again to Eyrny for winning the tournament by a wide
      > margin... to Jessica for winning among fencers authorized less than a
      > year... to Giovanni, for continuing to be an example to the rest of us...
      > and to Nikolai, who for the first time in recent memory, fenced!! lol
      > Also, special congradulations to Gerrard, who received a scroll before the
      > rapier tournament, and during court was inducted into the Order of the Wain!
      > Wassail!!
      > Yours in service,
      > Kurushima Yoshiatsu
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