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  • Anna B
    May 14, 2009
      Agreed.  Drills *are* sexy.

      Tuesdays might be good, have to google and find out just how long it'd take to get from here to there, but 7 sounds reasonable enough..

      Thanks for the notice, oh wise and powerful KRM :)

      with tongue firmly in cheek,

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      As it turns out, my night shift should be done by the end of next week, so I
      should be able to come out to a few of those practices starting in June. :)


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      > Greetings!
      > It looks like we will be moving outside for rapier practices in the Guelph
      > area. Practices will be held at my place, 444 Victoria Road N (Victoria
      > Woodlawn) starting at 7 pm on Tuesdays weather permitting. My unit # is
      > and my buzzer code is 74. We'll go until we basically run out of light.
      > Last night's practice in Guelph was awesome! Actually, I didn't actually
      > fence. Baron Hoskuld and I did 2 solid hours of drill on the first four
      > German longsword guards (Ochs, Pflug, Alber and vom Tag). I think drill is
      > something we don't do enough of in the SCA and I highly recommend it. I
      > drill isn't as sexy as actual fencing but by repeating the same motions
      > and over it helps build muscle memory allowing things to happen much more
      > naturally and instinctively. Drills will also help with things like point
      > control and calibration. I know there are a number of resources for rapier
      > drill online and I will try to post some in the near future.
      > So, I look forward to seeing people at the practices. If you know anybody
      > who is interested in coming out to the practices and has questions about
      > fencing please have them contact me.
      > Albrecht
      > KRM, Ealdormere

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