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1041Policy for Identifying Minors on the List

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  • Eve Harris & David Stamper
    Mar 23, 2009

      I've been discussing how to identify minors on the list field with the
      Kingdom Earl Marshal. I felt, and so did those attending the moot, that
      marking a fencer's helmet/mask is problematic as they often get switched
      around as loaner gear. One of the suggestions that came out of the moot was
      to use two "scunchies", basically large elasticized hair bands, one on each
      arm of the minor fencer.


      I forwarded this to the KEM who in turn discussed it with the Society Earl
      Marshal, and the idea has been approved for use in Ealdormere. The
      scrunchies should be brightly coloured, like neon 80's green, so they can be
      easily seen.

      This shouldn't be a big issue in Ealdormere as we don't have a large number
      of minor fencers and I or my appointed deputy will be authorizing any new
      minors and can make sure they are equipped. The scrunchies themselves should
      be relatively inexpensive and most dollar stores have a huge selection.

      If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

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