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1032FW: [krms] Fw: youth rapier markings

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  • Eve Harris & David Stamper
    Mar 11, 2009
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      This just came in from the DSRM and the SEM. So much for the discussion at
      the moot. I'll forward my suggestions to the KEM regardless as it was noted
      that helmet/mask markings are not the best. Also please note the part about
      marking cards as "MINOR". People checking cards at tourneys should be
      watching out for this and informing the marshals if there are minors


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      Omarad has made a determination regarding youth markings and you have
      probably already heard about it from your Earls Marshal, but I am forwarding
      this to you in its entirety to make sure.

      You will need to work with your KEM to determine a marking that is
      appropriate to your kingdom.

      -Thomas Logan

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      >Subject: youth rapier markings
      >Just to be clear.
      >I want all youth who participate in martial activities where they are
      >combatting adults to have the front half of their helm/mask marked in
      >some way and that the staff and all participants know what it is.
      >I also want all minor's auth cards to say "minor" on them somewhere
      >large enough that a list person cannot miss it.
      >There is no reason in the world that this cannot be done easily as well
      >as quickly.
      >Adults need to be aware that they are dealing with children in any
      >circumstance whether the parent is near, the child is unconscious or
      >unresponsive, or as just good information at hand to make judgement
      >You may have handled this already but I hadn't read that you had on the
      >Rapier lists.
      >I may have missed it.

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