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      September 2008

      Published by


      Youth Express Network

      “from exclusion to integration”

      22, rue de la Broque

      F-67000 Strasbourg

      www.y-e-n.net  /  y-e-n@wanadoo. fr


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      YEN Latest News






      9th Edition, CEULAJ, Mollina ( Spain ) 14-21 September 2008


      The 9th edition of the University on Youth and Development (jointly organised by the Spanish Government (INJUVE), the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, the European Youth Forum (YFJ), the Spanish Youth Council (CJE), the Latin-American Youth Forum (FLAJ) and ot her international youth organisations) just finished.

      The main theme of the 9th edition was Intercultural Dialogue. The discussions aimed at determining the contribution that international youth organisations can make to promote intercultural dialogue at local and international levels.

      12 different workshops and activities took place and about 340 young people from Europe, Africa and Latin America and Asia participated in this event.

      Youth Express Network was again partner of this event and organised the activity “ROADS OF DIALOGUE”, an evaluation meeting of the different activities we realized in the frame of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

      During these different projects, some specific tools concerning intercultural learning have been used or created. Each project has gone its own “Road of Dialogue”.

      In this evaluation meeting, we explored these different “Roads of Dialogue”, compared the different learning materials and their transferability.


      Youth Express Network and EEE-YFU organised in the frame of the University on Youth and Development 2 joint sessions: one joint-evening on “Diversity” and one “Word Café on “Intercultural Dialogue”.

      Youth Express Network and the Forum Theatre ATOA group celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by organising toget her a thematic evening on Human Rights, using Forum Theatre as a tool to promote them.





      A big thank you to the University for inviting us again to taste its diversity!
      A big thank you also to our participants (who not only worked for the evaluation meeting but also all performed in the Forum Theatre session), to Mojca MAKOVAC and Romina MATEI (team members) for the great work and to EEE-YFU people and ATOA group for sharing nice moments with us!


      Training Courses

       Contact Making Seminar:

      "The role of youth in European integration and decision making processes»


      Under the Project

      “Capacity building of Sout her n Serbian future decision makers on EU integration process”

      18th November – 21st November 2008

      Sremski Karlovci (near Novi Sad ), Serbia.



      Resource centre Leskovac and YEU International (Youth for Exchange and Understanding) as partners will realize this project with a long term goal to contribute to better understanding of benefits and necessity of EU integration process for local communities in Sout her n Serbia (Jablanica and Pcinja Districts) as well as increase of youth participation in decision making process. By achieving the purpose of the project “Future decision makers from Sout her n Serbia gained new knowledge, skills and contacts for socio-economic development of the region based on EU methodology and best practices” we will contribute to dissemination of knowledge on EU integration and enlargement process in Sout her n Serbia .

      The project will involve socially/politicall y engaged young people aged 25-35 living in Sout her n Serbia (Jablanica and Pcinja Districts) with strong will to invest their knowledge and skills in socio-economic development and better understanding of EU integration process in the region toget her with participants from all  EU Member Countries. Socially/politicall y engaged young people will be considered those active in NGOs, pro-European political parties’ youth, young experts working in municipalities, institutions etc.


      What are the objectives of the Seminar?

      The Overall objectives of the project are: To contribute to better understanding of benefits and necessity of EU integration process for local communities in Sout her n Serbia (Jablanica and Pcinja Districts), to contribute to dissemination of knowledge on EU integration and enlargement process in Sout her n Serbia, to contribute to increase of youth participation in decision making process in Sout her n Serbia


      Specific objective of the project: Future decision makers from Sout her n Serbia and EU member countries gain new knowledge, skills and contacts for socio-economic development of the region based on EU methodology and best practices.

      Introduction to EU-history, institutions, legislation, enlargement etc.

      Create contacts and share best practices for future cooperation, new EU-Serbia partnerships created in order to raise initiatives to contribute to socio-economic development of Sout her n Serbia


      Number of Participants: 20 participants from EU member countries, and 20 from Sout her n Serbia .

      Profile of the participants:

      The seminar will be open for applicants who are:

      • Youth leaders, youth workers and volunteers of youth organizations socially/politicall y engaged, active in NGOs, pro-European political parties youth sections, young experts working in municipalities, aged 25-35;
      • Willing to share and gain experience in EU integration process, EU-history, institutions, legislation, enlargement;
      • Willing to create contacts and share best practices for future cooperation;
      • In the position to act as a future decision maker for socio-economic development based on EU methodology and best practices.
      • Committed to attend for the full duration of the Seminar;
      • able to work in English;


      YEU International is still looking for participants, so if you are interested to participate in this seminar, please contact YEU Head Office before 29th of September 2008 to receive the call for participation to the follow email:

      sergio@yeu-internat ional.org


      Democratic Leadership and management of youth organisations –

      Strengthening the sustainability capacity of youth organisations through their democratic leadership structures

      10-19 November 2008-09-26 European Youth Centre, Strasbourg , France

      The Directorate of Youth and Sports of the Council of Europe is organising a training course which aims to enable young people actively involved in the running of youth structures to develop their attitudes, improve their skills and receive additional information and knowledge in order to manage youth organisations in a democratic, efficient and effective manner. Ultimately these improvements should result in an increase of the quality of the activities these organisations run, in their sustainability and in their contribution to youth policy bodies and structures.

      Deadline to apply: 2nd of October 2008



      Call for participants


      Practices, results and new ideas of youth projects

      15-19th October, Kyustendil , BULGARIA


      Youth Express Network will organise a seminar which aims to compare the European programmes YOUTH and now YOUTH IN ACTION. The Youth program is over by the end of 2006 and the new program “Youth in Action” has replaced it. At this stage, as a European level NGO, we find it important and useful for all parties involved in the activities organized under the framework of the previous program to share their experiences and best practices with each ot her . T her e have been many projects realized with the Youth program under different actions, and each of them have reached its aim and objectives to a certain degree. T her efore the aim of this project is to bring toget her different youth workers who have taken part in planning, preparing, running and evaluating different youth projects and provide them with an open space to share their best practices and experiences in being involved in youth projects. These youth workers will be composed of project officers, team members, facilitators, trainers, and evaluators.


      Aims and Objectives


      1.       to provide a space for our members to share their experiences and practices gained through the Youth programme,

      2.      to increase the quality of the future projects through Youth In Action Programme based on the best practices of the Youth Programme

      3.      to better understand the different working cultures in different countries and benefit more from this intercultural communication in our future projects

      4. to create new partnerships and ideas for international youth projects in the future

      5. to develop the ability of the participants to be inclusive in their work



      Working Methods


      Panel; Best Practices Market; Small Working Groups; Field visits to local NGOs involved in youth work; Presentations (of Youth in Action programme and of Evaluation methods); simulation games.


      Working language: English


      We are still looking for participants coming from Italy , Poland , Portugal and Spain .
      If you live in one of these countries and are interested to participate in this seminar, please contact Youth Express Network coordination office to receive the call for application:

      y-e-n@wanadoo. fr






      Your Future, Your say!



      Europe's present and future lie with its young people and government policies meant to serve them must stay tuned to their ever-changing needs.

      That also goes for action by the European Union.

       The aim of this consultation is to help to evaluate what European cooperation on youth policy has achieved since 2000 and propose fresh objectives for the decade to come.

      Why this consultation?

      The purpose of this public consultation is to find out how EU youth policy should develop in the coming years and what proposals young people should make to European Union member countries.

      If you are an individual or organisation interested in the future of young people in Europe and you are based in an EU country, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Croatia or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, give your opinion!

      By responding to this open consultation you can play an active part in the future European strategy for young people – and please spread the word to ot her s.

      The consultation will be open until 25 November 2008. The outcome of the consultation will be published on www.ec.europa. eu/youth


      Useful materials

      INTERTooL: Intercultural Competencies for European project managers and teams

      The Intercultural Institute of Timisoara, ROMANIA (Youth Express Network member organisation) toget her with 6 European partner organisations (DVV International, Germany ; die Berater Austria ;  Xena: Centro Scambi e Dinamiche Interculturali, Italy ; Teaching and Learning Challenges Ltd United Kingdom ; Humap, Finland and the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning, Switzerland) are developing a project which aims at providing European project managers and teams in adult education with the basic specific intercultural competencies necessary for successful transnational cooperation in the framework of European projects, with a strong focus on the virtual dimension.

      To this end, virtual and face-to-face learning and training tools will be developed, produced, tested and disseminated in order to contribute to:

      • Reconciling different communication and working styles and values brought into European projects
      • Facilitating an effective type of moderation to solve problems during the project process taking into regard the emotional aspects of intercultural communication
      • Organising intercultural communication in virtual environments
      • Facilitating, mostly by virtual means, an efficient and effective intercultural team-building process
      • Securing equality in the partnership caused by differences especially in the field of language competencies and cultural values

      In 2009, you will be able to access online to a virtual intercultural team tool (VITT), toget her with information about the ot her outputs of the project. The partners are currently conducting a research to identify more precisely the views and the needs of those involved in European projects regarding intercultural communication.

      Read more…


      Making Waves - have more impact with your youth projects!

      A practical booklet about how to make most out of your youth (in action) project: it takes you on a journey of raising the visibility of your project and it helps you consciously develop a plan to get your project results out to the people. With lots of practical tips and tricks to get you started. Make Waves - Have Impact!

      What is the Making Waves booklet about?

      Are you one of the thousands of youth project organisers in Europe ? Trying to make a little change with the youth work you do? Maybe you want to have some bigger impact? It only takes a little bit more effort and strategic thinking!

      Your youth project is like a stone thrown in the water: it creates some ripples or waves on the water; your youth work intends to have some impact. This booklet helps you think and plan how you can make the biggest possible waves with your project

      • Be proud of your work! 'Making Waves' gives you some practical suggestions to increase the visibility your project. The more people know about your work, the better.
      • Surely your project generates some wonderful results or products: new methods, a CD-rom, learning, a theatre-play, and recommendations to decision-makers, ...
      • Don't sit on your project results - share them with ot her s! 'Making Waves' lists some tips and tricks about you to disseminate your results.
      • But it would even be better if your project results were actually also USED. 'Making Waves' guides you through the exploitation of your project results.

      Visibility, dissemination and exploitation of results (sometimes called 'valorisation') are important features of the Youth in Action programme. SALTO-YOUTH pro-actively took up its 'support role' within the YOUTH in ACTION programme and developed this practical publication for youth workers faced with these visibility, dissemination and exploitation requests in their projects.

      'Making Waves' hopes to give you inspiration about how to make the most out of your project and create the best waves possible!

      Who's behind the Making Waves booklet?

      The Making Waves booklet has been developed by Tony Geudens of the SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre, based on contributions from different NAs, SALTO, NGOs and Commission colleagues.




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