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1516Election Guidance for 2014/6 California 初 选

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  • Quan He
    May 31, 2014
      Hi all,

      Since many of you have asked me about the election guidance, I'm posting several guides here, which are done by different parties. 

      For Evergreen (San Jose) AD27, I do urge you NOT to vote Nora Campos, who strongly supported SCA5.
      For AD28, I do urge you NOT to vote Evan Low, who openly supported SCA5.

      Please take a look and make your own decision. No matter what, please come out and vote, let your voice be heard!

      Election Guides:

      1. 硅谷华人联盟(SVCA)推荐的加州2014/6月初选候选人全列表: http://svca.me/?q=ca2014p
      2. California 6/3 Election Cheat Sheet: (这个挺完整的)。

      下面是AAPAC的( 北大科大校友为主成立的一个组织)

      至于提案,41似乎有不同意见, 42似乎各方面都是yes。


      Prop 41, to redirect $600 mil in bonds approved in 2008 to provide housing and support for low income veterans. Likely a good thing. Passed the state Assembly and Senate unanimously by both parties (few abstentions). I personally think it's good to support our veterans.

      Prop 42 - need some background. State passed two laws requiring local government and agencies to make public meeting notice, minutes, agenda, and related material. State is supposed to pay for this service as it's a state mandate but has not done so and owe local government and agencies some money. Local agencies use this as an excuse to refuse to provide open meeting material. Prop 42 will require local government to provide this info and also pass the cost to local governments (state no longer is obligated to pay for this service). The effect is 1) strongly mandate to provide transparency and 2) pass the cost from state to local government (estimate some $10's million's per year, not a huge cost but somewhat significant). You decide if you favor this or not.

      1. 41, 42一般填yes。如果财务保守41可以填no
      2. 41号提案/Prop 41: Yes. (请帮助退伍老兵);42号提案/Prop 42: Yes. (支持地方政府更加透明化)
      3. 41我会选No。老兵该归联邦管。“帮穷人不如帮老兵” 其实不成立。41的钱花了,“帮穷人” 的钱就会跟教育经费或其他竞争。
      4. 估计41会过,因为大部分人同情老兵。
      5. 我知道为什么要说No给41号提案了,因为一过, 一大批低收入退伍老兵云集三藩和加州。
      6. 如果Prop41这个公债将来也是要发行的, 与其用来帮穷人,不如用来帮军人。 他们必竞为国家为人民出生入死过,这点是值得敬佩的。 美国建国之初收税的出发点是为了建立一支军队与英国人打仗保护美 国人自由和利益。我们华人应该了解这点,支持军队支持军人。 我们家的票Yes on Prop41. 希望大家也能支持41.

      Q:联邦众议员第19区两参选人都是民主党的. 弃权吗?

      Q: San Jose市长选谁?
      A: Sam Liccardo。

      Quan He (贺全)