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1499Fwd: Home Burglarized at 4am on Delancey Ct

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  • Yan Chen
    May 5, 2014

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      Date: Mon, May 5, 2014 at 10:26 AM
      Subject: Home Burglarized at 4am on Delancey Ct
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      Joe Pham, Fowler Creek
      View larger photo One of my neighbors just spoke to the owner of the home and they wanted to get the message out. This is second hand so some data points might not be exact.
      At 4am someone knocked on the door claiming to be a neighbor. When the male living there opened the door he was held by knife point and instructed to give up laptops,tablets and keys to their audi. The perpetrator had a mask on and left with the owner's audi.
      The people living there also want to make everyone aware of strange markings outside their driveway with an arrow pointing to there house. It only showed up a couple days ago and they thought it was construction stuff but are not so sure now. They are Indian and couldn't make out the marking. I'm Vietnamese and can't make it out either.
      If anyone can read the markings please let us know what it means.
      Also be safe out there - don't open your door for anyone, just speak through it (even if they claim to be police - check for the police car or call for verification)
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