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1299"Bay Area Debate Club"

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  • Felix Lu
    Sep 20, 2013
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      Does anyone has experience with "Bay Area Debate Club"? Will you recommend it to a 12 years old boy?




      From: Yan Chen <annie.chenyan@...>
      To: evergreenbreeze@yahoogroups.com; "EVERGREENJECTS@yahoogroups.com" <EVERGREENJECTS@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, June 24, 2013 3:52 PM
      Subject: [EVERGREENJECTS] Re: EvergreenBreeze

      Basketball practice: Sunday 9:30am ~ 11:00am @ EVHS court

      Soccer Practice: Sunday 5:00pm~6:30pm @ Chaboya School Field

      On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 12:26 AM, Yan Chen <annie.chenyan@...> wrote:

      I created a new group EvergreenBreeze. We will use this group to communicate our basketball and soccer team events. 

      Please let me know if you would want to join basketball or soccer team practice. I will add you in EvergreenBreeze group. Please give me following info:

      1, Adult's email address
      2, Kid's name and age

      I will also ask for a signed waiver page. I will be at field collecting this waiver page.  

      Thanks for your support. 


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